How To Use Your Brand To Obtain Backlinks


How To Use Your Brand To Obtain Backlinks


If you’re new to digital marketing and SEO the term “backlink” might be foreign, but it shouldn’t be. Backlinking is one of the most important factors when it comes to increasing your brand awareness on the internet.  



What is a Backlink?

According to Moz, backlinks are created when one website links to another. The link to the external website is called a “backlink”. In simple terms, a backlink is like receiving a shoutout. Let’s say I have a friend who’s popular and he shouts out my brand on Instagram or Facebook, not only does that shoutout give my brand recognition it also gives my brand credibility. The same principle applies to the digital space when you obtain a backlink; it increases your reputation and credibility.

If I’m a fashion designer and I obtained a backlink from GQ magazine, it shows Google and other search engines that I’m credible and I know what I’m talking about. The more credible your brand is the higher Google will rank you. The higher Google ranks you, the more leads you can obtain-see how it works? So now that you have a better understanding of how backlinks work, let’s talk about how your brand can obtain quality backlinks.



Write Amazing Content

One of the best ways to obtain backlinks is to write amazing content for your brand. If you’re knowledgeable about your industry you should be writing blog post that helps your customers and others in your industry. By being knowledgeable in your industry you could eventually be known as a thought leader. The key to writing great blogs is to post relevant content; this could be issues that you’re seeing in your industry, how to provide quality service to consumers in your industry, and even the current trends in your industry. Just make sure your blog and content are relevant. If other people in your industry find your content valuable they’re likely to backlink it to help out their customers. A great content strategy will also drive traffic to your website because your customers will use your content to educate themselves and share it on social media channels.



Find Out Who’s Linking to Your Competitors

In today’s digital world you don’t have to work hard to be better than your competitors; you can use their strategies to obtain backlinks. I currently use a tool called AHREFs to find sites that are linking to my competitors. Once you find sites that are linking your competitors you should reach out to them to ask for a link also. The conversation should go something like this, ‘hey I see you were linking to this site, and our company also offers similar products and services; you should link to us too.’ You should show how your products and services differ from your competitors and why consumers want to use it.

Even though this strategy will not work all the time it’s still a great strategy to use because you don’t have to put in extra work to obtain backlinks, and when it’s successful you have a new backlink to your site.



Leverage Your Brand Equity to Build Backlinks

If you have built brand equity then you can use that equity to obtain backlinks. Take a look at how you built your brand equity, if you built your brand equity by offering great customer services and products, then you can have your customers write articles about your brand and post them on their blogs to link back to you. You should encourage your most loyal customers to write about how your products help them solve their problems. By leveraging your brand equity not only do you increase your chances of obtaining backlinks you increase your word of mouth marketing as well.


If you find these tips useful or have any questions about backlinking please feel free to reach out I’m here to help

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