Branding Consultant

I am confident in my ability to develop interesting ideas for unforgettable digital marketing campaigns.

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H ello, my name is Darrell and I am very passionate about Marketing and Branding. I am extremely confident in my ability to create and execute marketing campaigns. I am also passionate about giving back to my community, this is the reason why I volunteer every Tuesday with Hands On Charlotte. I tutor children in the Charlotte community in various subjects ranging from Math, English, and Science. I strongly believe that I can not be successful until I help someone else achieve success.


I currently hold a Bachelors of Science degree from Winthrop University. I graduated on December 20, 2014, I majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Relevant courses during my time at Winthrop includes: Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Promotion Management, Sales and Relationship Marketing, and Retailing.

Work Experience
  • Oct 2015-PresentLendingTree

    Outbound Contact Center Rep

  • July 2012-Oct 2015Target Mobile

    Sales Associate



I am currently certified in Google Adwords and Google Analytics. I have experience using Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find the best keywords for SEO and ranking sites




Below are the skills that I'm familiar with. These skills are important for creating websites and making sure they run efficiently.

  • HTML90%
  • CSS80%
  • Wordpress85%

Personal Skills

  • Strong Interpersonal Skills.
  • Results Oriented
  • Strong Attention to Detail
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Critical Thinking
  • Self Confident
  • Creative
  • Time Management

Technical Skills




Microsoft Office


Google Adwords


Google Analytics


  • At work and away, Darrell is a pleasure to be around. He is a gentleman and his optimistic nature and positive demeanor is sure to impact anyone he comes into contact with. Darrell's strong work ethic is a direct product and representation of his ambitious nature and desire to succeed. I enjoy and value the conversations Darrell and I have about business and life and more. Darrell always offers new information and perspectives which indicate his intellectual and critically thinking mind. Darrell's strong interpersonal skills make it easy for him to engage in conversation with anyone, making him highly effective at networking. I've learned a lot from Darrell and look forward to learning more. I can tell Darrell is not satisfied with mediocrity and strives to be the best he can be at whatever he is confronted with in life. When it comes to work and helping others Darrell is passionate and it shows with the work he does inside and outside of the workplace. I never question Darrell's ability to succeed because he doesn't question it. I'm fortunate to have met Darrell and I know that he will be great in all his endeavors.
    Marc Coppedge
  • Ken BIG Blake
    Experience! You gain experience by experiences. The more experience you gain the more relevant you can become in your occupation. Darrell not only understands this but has created his goals around the experiences he needs to have to inspire others. He gives back through volunteering for causes that touches his heart. He partakes with much enthusiasm in all work related activities making sure everyone around him catches a dose of his infectious spirit. Darrell is a detailed oriented young man and daily questions himself about how much time did he put into his dream. Darrell is on a mission and sooner rather than later he will be well equipped to share life changing experience! He already does among his peers.
    Ken BIG Blake
  • Davondra Holliday
    Darrell and I worked together at Target. There, we worked on various projects to improve the consumer experience and the efficiency of the electronics department. Darrell was a creative-minded, dedicated team member and always a pleasure to work with.
    Davondra Holliday
  • Patrick Ferguson
    Darrell was a pleasure to work alongside with in a classroom setting. Throughout the many projects assigned, he was an individual who possess many great qualities found in a team player such as: cooperation, dedication, and loyalty. Darrell is someone whom I have maintained a friendship with and enjoyed the time spent working together.
    Patrick Ferguson
    Winthrop University

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