What Is SEO?

what is SEO

What is SEO?

One of the most common questions I get in my line of work is “what is SEO, and how can it help my business?” Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is commonly called, is the process of “optimizing” your website for the search engines. In other words, it is the process of preparing your website so it will rank well in the search results.


Internet takes its place in the modern generation by connecting people closely regardless the proximity. It has more than 4 billion users worldwide based on the latest survey report of the ICT of United Nations. As internet connects almost every one nowadays, search engine optimization also takes its place by providing modern-based solutions to all businessmen across the globe, delimiting the market boundaries and expanding the target market of the products and the services.


The search engines have an incredible task in front of them. They need to provide relevant searches. When someone looks for something, Google helps find the most relevant result.


So how do you convince the search engines that your website should be ranked high? Well, that’s what SEO is all about. Convincing the search engines that your website is valuable is a lot like running for an election. You need to make sure that your website:


  1. Contains what people are looking for. It needs to have valuable and unique content.
  2. Other websites need to be talking about it, and “linking” to it.
  3. Is updated on a regular basis.


What is SEO today?


SEO today is different from the SEO ten years back. There are present rules distinct from the rules during the time it had started. As these rules have changed, SEO strategies also have changed to adapt new things that are presently acceptable by the search engines. It does simply mean that the search engines are the rulers regulating all SEO activities.


The main question here is how important is SEO towards the achievement of the most common goal of all businessmen – profits. All of their actions are focused on it – to hit ‘big profits.’


In order to dissect the main role of SEO in helping the businessmen achieve their common goal, it is imperative to take a look on how it works generally. The fragments of ideas are laid down subsequently.


The SEO Strategies


  1. SEO applies the rule of keyword research. Keyword research implies that it is necessary to identify keywords that are relevant and accurate with respect to the internet users’ inputs in the search engines. Identifying keywords also reflects to the common keywords received and monitored by the search engines monthly. The key point is to have keywords with high searches but with low or medium competition level.


  1. SEO uses social media in its spectrum of enhancing promotional mechanisms with respect to products and services. The social media, i.e. Facebook and Twitter, are used in optimization by way of establishing numerous potential consumers. In SEO concept, the fan pages are the channels that can be used to generate more relevant links going to the main website.


  1. SEO executes effective strategies in link building. This is a core point in relation to traffics production as the main determinant in the search engine ranking of the websites. There are various SEO link building methods such as link wheel, blog commenting, site submission services and social bookmarking to name a few. All of them are moored on one thing – to have quality and natural links going to the main website.


SEO Helps Businessmen Generate Profits


All things are interlinked clearly. SEO builds and produces traffics through the interrelated methods mentioned in order to achieve a common goal – website ranking in the top page of the search engines. Being in the top page implies business sales as most people who have used the search engines have found the products or services promoted in the ranked website. So simple, SEO ranks website and website converts business investment into ‘big profits.’

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